Cashews 2 lb


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  • Unroasted and unsalted
  • Crunchy and buttery
  • Great, high-energy snack
  • Source of plant-based protein
  • Perfect in your porridge, as a pre-workout snack, and in your baked goods
Variety: Cashews 2 lb
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Perhaps the most popular and versatile nut among nuts: the cashew nut! It's incredible how flexible this nut is: you can roast it, puree it into a cream, toss it into creamy curries or enjoy it as a snack between meals. In whatever form - protein-rich cashew nuts are a hit! With us you can buy delicious cashews in practical bulk packaging! 

A companion on your way to the right dish! 

The cashews make it possible! Cheesy sauces, the creamiest soup - without any animal products - or a plant-based spread for your Sunday roll! Our cashew nuts also have the best raw food quality and are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the nuts pure. But not just as a snack in between: Cashews top your muesli, your spicy curry or take their place as a topping in the salad. You don't know the savoury side of our cashews yet?Then take a look at this colourful pasta pan.

Where do cashew nuts grow?

The cashew nut is technically the kernel of a fruit that grows on the cashew tree. This tree is native to brazil, but now grows in countries with tropical climates all over the world. After picked the only steps that remain are how to process the cashew kernels. And of course we have taken that step for you, so you can additionally soak and roast them to your liking to make them suitable for your favourite dishes!

Cashews provide special nutrients

Our cashews are un-roasted, unsalted and are characterized by their light, even cream colour and their particularly high quality. No additional sugar, salt and not roasted in oil - we deliberately do without any additives and thus provide you with the naturally good nutritional values of the cashew nuts. Cashew kernels are one of the top sources of protein among nuts and are therefore a great addition to your nutrition plan as part of your balanced diet.

The bulk pack so you don't have to do without anything!

The motto here is: the more, the better. Because our 2 lb value pack gives you the opportunity to try out as many recipes as possible! Store the kernels dry and cold and protect them from the sun - then the cashews will keep for up to 12 months! Not only is unnecessary packaging saved - as soon as you realize how versatile cashews can be - you also give many dishes the absolute cashew crowning glory!

Product number: US_CASHEW_001
Origin Brazil
Content 2 lb
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582897586
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces explanation
Shipping Delivery times
Company KoRo Inc.
2055, Limestone RD STE 200C
Wilmington, DE 19808
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100 % Cashews
Cross contamination Contains: Tree nuts (Cashew). May contain traces of milk, other tree nuts, peanuts, soy and sesame
Trade Name Cashew Kernels
Etikettenhinweis Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.

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Wenn der Prakti am ersten Tag erfährt, wie viel er bei KoRo tasten darf

Bei der Arbeit Spaß haben und Dir trotzdem leckere Produkte anbieten: Wir bekommen beides unter einen Hut. Dabei hilft es uns gar nicht so wenig, dass wir regelmäßig Leckereien aus aller Welt verkosten dürfen. An den besten Tagen dürfen wir sogar Cashewkerne zusammen probieren.

Der Cashewbaum

Cashewkerne wachsen, Du wirst es nicht glauben, an Cashewbäumen. Die sind mittlerweile ziemlich weit verbreitet, denn Cashewkerne können in vielen Regionen der Erde angebaut werden. Unsere leckeren Kerne stammen aus Indien und Vietnam.

Eine Nuss außerhalb einer Frucht? Ist das legal?

Halt Dich fest: Die Cashewnuss ist eigentlich keine Nuss sondern ein Kern. Wir waren auch schockiert, als wir das gehört haben, geben ihr aber trotz ihrer falschen Identität noch eine Chance – dafür sind unsere Cashewnüsse einfach zu lecker. Die Frucht, an der der Kern wächst wird Cashewapfel genannt und ist ebenfalls essbar.

Die Nüsse, ähm Kerne freuen sich schon auf Dich!

Wer so süchtig macht, sollte nicht lange in einer Verpackung bleiben müssen – auch, wenn sie so groß ist wie unsere. Die kurze Spanne bis zu Deiner Bestellung warten unsere gerösteten und gesalzenen Cashewkerne in unserem gemütlichen Lager ab.

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My absolute favorite

My absolute favorite nuts. Buy them regularly and eat them mostly just like that.
Super quality

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I wouldn't buy them anymore

I'm sorry but I didn't like the cashews they looked old as if they had taken moisture


Janine L.



Beautiful large, uniform cashews, long MHD, as always super quality.

Bettina F.



Super quality and fast delivery. Absolutely recommendable and gladly again



My dad is addicted to these. Very

My dad is addicted to these. Very good quality.



very good

They are very good. I'm wondering if they'll stay crunchy once opened, the bag is not tight even if it closes



Very tasty

Very good quality , price ok



Tasty, good snack or delicious in muesli

Already ordered for the 2nd time. Price a little more expensive than 5 small bags from the supermarket. But it is worth it to me. They taste good.
Would be great if there would be natural as a roasted variant.



Tasty and versatile

Tasty, large, super suitable as a snack for in between meals



Excellent product

Excellent product and very reasonable price



No more increases!!!

I have in the past purchased Koro cashews which were for quite some time unbeatable in quality and price, with every second package of perfect cashews received having many crumbles. From 2021 until now, the price has increased exaggeratedly and the quality is identical. Certainly Mr. Zelensky's crisis is also weighing on cashews



As always delicious

As always delicious