Dry-Roasted and Salted Pistachios 2 lb


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  • The dry-roasted and salted snack classic
  • Intense pistachio flavour
  • Without sulphur
  • Delicious as a snack, in salad or pesto
  • 2 lb value pack
Variety: Dry-Roasted and Salted Pistachios 2 lb

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You eat three handfuls and the bag is already empty — is that a familiar feeling? Not for us! Our pistachios are delicious and would be gone in seconds, if not for our perfectly adjusted pack size. With out large value packs, you have more than one evening of pistachios!

Dry roasted and salted - a match made in heaven

Why is everything so delicious when it's roasted and salted? No matter whether broad beans, pumpkin seeds, peanuts or pistachios, once you start, you finish the bag!  Who can blame us: a pleasant roasted taste and a little salt bring out the pistachio flavour just perfectly. Watching a film while cracking pistachios on the couch, is there any more meditative evening activity? In order for our crunchy green kernels to show off their full natural talent, they are untreated and, above all, unsulphurised. 

Fancy some pistachio ice cream? Delicious recipes to make yourself!

Pure pistachios are incredible, but you always have a secret weapon in the kitchen with our pistachios! If you haven't tried them, you should definitely add these items to your food bucket list: pistachio ice cream, pistachio pesto, pistachio liquor, KoRo's pistachio butter! Of course, you can also enjoy the pistachios raw: Ground, peeled or chopped, they make a delicious crunch in your muesli. And for your daily dose of greens, simply add the kernels to your salad as a topping. So easy and so delicious!

Buy pistachios at KoRo

The slightly salty, wonderfully aromatic and nutty taste of our pistachios is so irresistible that we immediately took out the extra-large 2 lb value pack. And we only add the necessary ingredients, no sulphur or additives go in the bag! Get your roasted and salted allrounder at a fair price: buy our roasted and salted pistachios now!

Product number: US_PISTA_002
Origin USA
Content 2 lb
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582897463
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces explanation
Shipping Delivery times
Company KoRo Inc.
2055, Limestone RD STE 200C
Wilmington, DE 19808
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light
Ingredients Pistachios, Sea Salt
Cross contamination Contains: Tree Nuts (Pistachio). May contain traces of other tree nuts, wheat, soy and sesame
Trade Name Roasted Salted Inshell Pistachios
Etikettenhinweis Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.
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Varieties & Origin

Jumbo - with shell

Jumbo pistachios have a particularly round and plump shape and must be 18/20 to 24/26 in size, which means that 18 to 20 pistachios with shell, or 24 to 26 without, weigh one ounce (28.3 g). The less pistachios make up an ounce, the larger they are.

Cultivation by country in tons
Land Tonnen
Iran 574987
USA 272291
China 95294
Türkei 78000
Syrien 56508
Griechenland 12300
Spanien 7545

In 2017, 1.1 million tons of pistachios were harvested worldwide and over 50% (574,987) of global production came from Iran. In 2017, the United States produced about a quarter (272,291) of the worldwide harvest, and ranks second among the largest producers of pistachios. China, Turkey, Syria, Greece and Spain follow.


It didn't turn out that way

In our shop you get only the tastiest products. That's why we have tested extensively before - and found the best pistachio puree for you. Unfortunately, there were also a few losers.

When the pistachios were still young

The pistachios for our creamy puree come from Iran. There they dream for a full 2 years on their tree before being allowed to become our KoRo pistachio puree. Since we are nice, we fulfill their wish.

Others would dress up

Not so our pistachios - they are freed from their shells instead. This happens in a factory in Italy. There, they tumble along this conveyor belt and do what pistachios are good at: Look delicious.

Not a nut?

It could also pass for a nut - but the pistachio is a drupe. Just like an almond, the delicious fruit is therefore still wrapped in a skin. Although it is also edible, it would interfere with our puree - which is why the pistachio skin is shaken off in this machine.

You can taste this picture

It makes you want to stick your head in - but we restrain ourselves and fill the delicious pistachio puree into our 500 g jars instead.

Nothing, except pistachios

We also had to look twice: Our pistachio puree really only consists of peeled and roasted pistachios. But because we have contained ourselves, there is still enough for your next order.

Price development

This is how the price has developed over time

All data is merely indicative!

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Zufriedene:r Kund:in



Good source of energy, very good taste, little empty shells

Very nice large pistachios, super lick a taste. Only a few empty shells.
The salt content was named by some as "too little", I personally do not feel that way. It is exactly in balance

Kritische:r Kund:in



Small, poorly salted, disappointed

Lots of burnt/rotten pistachios.
The pistachios are extremely small and don't have much flavor.
The worst pistachios I have ever had.
Salted seems excessive to me. Individual nuts appear salted but the majority taste unsalted.
Extremely disappointed.

KoRo GmbH


Hey liebe:r Kund:in , vielen Dank für Dein Feedback. Wir bedauern es sehr, dass Du ein mangelhaftes Produkt erhalten hast :( Wende Dich bitte an unseren Kundenservice, damit dieser Dir bei Deinem Anliegen weiterhelfen kann. Wir werden Dein Feedback an unseren Lieferanten weitergeben. Liebe Grüße, Dein KoRo-Team



Poor quality

Many pistachios closed, also many inedible nuts present. Overall not good quality

KoRo GmbH


Hey, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback Wir bedauern sehr, dass Du ein mangelhaftes Produkte erhalten hast. Bitte wende Dich an unseren Kundenservice, damit dieser sich Deinem Anliegen annehmen kann. Alles Liebe Dein KoRo Team :)



Extrem gut!

We totally liked them, better than the overpriced ones from the supermarket.

Tanja K.


Better than from the supermarket

We enjoy these nuts almost every day. Has become our substitute for sweet dessert.
Apart from the penultimate delivery, where in all packages (we usually order four to five kilos at once) were many complete closed nuts, Koro keeps its promise: large nuts and few unopened nuts. Much better than small packs from the supermarket.



TV snack for a cozy evening

Delicious salted pistachios. They are exactly as pistachios should be



I will buy again

Good nibble - certainly quickly empty.




Super tasty, perfect from the taste. Again and again with pleasure

Daniela B.


Super value for money, totally delicious

Super quality, unbeatable for this price



This is how pistachios are supposed to taste!

Neither musty nor salty, but just really good. Gladly again!



Very good

Very good



Very good but so many are closed

Good quality pistachios, good value for money. Too bad, however, that almost a third of the pistachios in the package are completely closed.