Dry-Roasted Pecans 2 lb


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  • 100 % whole pecan kernel
  • Mild-sweet aroma
  • Crunchy
  • Perfect for baking, cooking and snacking
  • Convenient 2 lb bulk package
Variety: Dry-Roasted Pecans 2 lb

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Thanksgiving without pecan pie? We can't imagine that! In the US, every kid knows and loves the pecan. In this country, the nut kernels are not so well known - we want to change that! That's why you can buy the American beauty directly from us in the 2 lb value pack. In this way you can discover the variety of pecan nuts and playfully integrate them into your everyday life!

Pecan nut, walnut's little sister

We have long taken our powerhouse - the walnut- to our hearts. We bring a new lover into play for all nut fans: the pecan nut. The pecan tree, also known as Carya illioinensis, belongs to the walnut family – logical, right? Because the pecan nut looks a lot like its big sister - or even prettier? We are definitely in love! For us, pecan nuts are real beauties that we would like to admire every day. But that often doesn't work so well, because the nut kernels are literally on everyone's lips. Try the American walnut for yourself and be enchanted by its alluring walnut resemblance.

Your pecan recipes

Pumpkin Pie vs. Pecan Pie - the battle of the giants. Pecan nut pie is an absolute highlight for us. The buttery-sweet pecan nuts together with the tart, aromatic chocolate is simply a dreamlike combination. And because pecans and maple syrup are lovers from the very beginning, we connect the love triangle in our pecan chocolate pie . Go Nuts: Try your way through the culinary world of pecan nuts. You don't find the pecan nut that often in the German bakery - but why? Whether as a crunchy topping on your raspberry banana bread , as a base for your homemade energy bars with no added sugar or as a bourbon pecan biscuit. For us, the pecan nuts are a real highlight in every recipe. That's why our new favourite kernels are the real star in our savoury creations. Winter salad with pomegranate and pecan nuts - sounds tempting, doesn't it? The little sister of the walnut is a culinary enrichment for us and has earned its place in our nut collection! It's not for nothing that the pecan tree is the state tree of Texas.

The slightly different walnut

We love nuts - that's why you get the full drone from us. We've declared our love for the pecan and given it the attention it deserves. Creamy, the pecan nut is served as fine pecan nut butter . And because everyone can make roasted almonds , we have the aromatic and noble version for you: roasted pecan nuts . As you can see, we are loyal fans! But not only us: Our favourite cores have already made it into space. As? The Apollo astronauts saw the great potential of the pecan nut and took it with them as a power pack aka snack food. 

The special thing about our pecan nuts

Our pecan nuts come from their homeland, the USA, and are delivered to your home in top quality. With its light brown and amber colour, the pecan nut is the absolute eye-catcher in every nut collection. With 9.6 g of fibre per 100 g, the pecan nut has a high fibre content and is also convincing with its inner values. Once you've tried the nut and you want to bring the pecan nuts everywhere - we don't have to be clairvoyant for that. That's why we've made provisions and you get 2 lb of pure nut power from us. Try it out, refine your nut supply and buy our pecan nuts now!

Product number: US_PECAN_001
Origin USA
Content 2 lb
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582897494
Data sheet Specification
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces explanation
Shipping Delivery times
Company KoRo Inc.
2055, Limestone RD STE 200C
Wilmington, DE 19808
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light
Ingredients 100 % Pecans
Cross contamination Contains: Tree Nuts ( Pecan). May contain traces of wheat and sesame
Trade Name Roasted Pecan nut kernels
Etikettenhinweis Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.







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Good quality.

Good value for money and mega tasty.

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Great quality, terrific taste

The pecan kernels are a bit more expensive than some other nuts, but worth every penny. They taste really really delicious, a bit like walnuts, only without the bitter note. Slightly sweet and delicate taste, they fit perfectly for me in the muesli, or even the own nut-fruit mix for on the go :)



Great product

This is my favorite. Am thrilled with the taste and price-performance ratio.



Very tasty and good value for money

The nuts are very tasty, but my package also contained a lot of breakage. I ordered the nuts for the Christmas plate and had to sort out the whole nuts for it.



Top quality!

Crunchy and tasty as I like them!



For nut lovers simply highly recommended!

So good! I love pecan sweetener! Extremely good quality - have tried many things, these are by far the best!



Excellent product

Excellent quality for a more than fair price




a delight even on its own: I love it. beautiful nuts and quality.
I am delighted to have discovered this site by chance.



Top quality/price ratio!

Great to put in a granola, in bread making. I repurchase every time.



high quality, good taste and long shelf life

high quality: little breakage and fresh
good taste: nutty and not musty
long shelf life, so this quantity is also good for smaller households



Good quality.

Good value for money and mega tasty.



Crispy and tasty

Very good, big, tasty and crispy