Farm-direct & Natural

Farm Direct & Natural

Farm Direct

We strive to source our products directly from the producer and in close collaboration with our farmers. We only sell products of the highest quality without any additives.

Our goal is to buy all products directly from the source. This approach comes with advantages in many ways: We can ensure the best quality and have direct influence on the product itself. Via direct communication with the farmer, we can exchange feedback regarding taste and quality, and refine products continuously. For example, we are able to monitor the moisture and degree of roasting in our production, but also we document and share these changes with you.

Collaborating directly with the farmer and producer also implies cutting or avoiding many intermediaries that are common in the food business. These intermediaries are another cost and risk factor and also might reduce transparency. By reducing layers, we can offer you the most competitive price possible while not making any compromises to quality.

Below, you can see a direct comparison of the typical food supply chain compared to KoRo’s approach.


Since we are in direct contact with the supplier, we are very aware of the qualities we are buying. High quality foods do not need enhancing additive.

We do not use additives like sugar, sulfur, or oil in our nuts; dried fruits. Sulfur is often used in dried fruits and gives the fruit a flawless look and color, but does not add any other value. Mangoes and pineapples are naturally very sweet and do not need any added sugar. Our 100 % dried fruit might look quirky compared to what you might be used to, but they are a lot more natural and amazing in taste.