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KoRo coconut bowl 1 pc


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  • A one-of-a-kind piece for your kitchen
  • The perfect vessel for your food creations
  • 100% natural coconut shell
  • A natural product of the highest quality
  • Robust
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Here at KoRo, we focus on providing high-quality, delicious food - but we know that your eyes need comforting too. That's why we now offer our coconut bowl, which will put a smile on your face every morning and make your breakfast even better looking than before. Order your new favorite bowl now! The coconut – a tough nut to crack But we did crack it! After we tried our hand at products like coconut chips, grated coconut and coconut oil and extended our selection with these exotic products, we simply could not stop. We fell in love. That's why we now also sell the coconut shell - in its polished version - which makes a great addition to your bowl collection! A product of nature – the coconut bowl Our coconut bowls are simply pure nature. Born in Vietnam, the bowl comes straight to your home. The original coconuts spent a long time bathing in the sun of the Vietnamese beaches, before becoming the beautiful bowls you see today and being delivered to your door. As a result of her long
Product number: KOKOS_010
Origin Vietname
Content 1 STÜCK
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4260335836125
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces
Shipping Delivery time outside of Germany
Company KoRo Handels GmbH
Hauptstraße 26, 10827 Berlin
Trade Name Coconut bowl
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Questions & answers: KoRo coconut bowl 1 pc
To keep your coconut shell beautiful and supple, you should regularly maintain it with coconut oil. We recommend that you repeat the oiling after about every tenth application. This way, your coconut shell will not dry out and you will have an especially long-lasting individual highlight in your kitchen.
Our coconut shell is robust, but still a natural product. Therefore, you should not put it in the dishwasher. We recommend that you briefly rinse the coconut shell with lukewarm water before and after use to avoid large temperature fluctuations.
Not only the coconut shell itself is a real highlight - also the production The coconut is namely a pretty hard nut and its robust shell must first be cracked. We need the shell of the coconut for the husk and therefore remove the delicious flesh. But don't worry! The special pulp is used in many of our great products. Take a look at our coconut shavings or coconut chips and discover the diversity of the coconut. The processing of the coconut: So that our coconut shell shines for a long time, it is then polished from the inside and outside for you. The shell is ready and waiting in our warehouse to be ordered by you.
Our coconut shell is a natural product. Therefore, your shell can not withstand extreme temperatures. Therefore, we do not recommend you to put the coconut shell in the microwave.
We recommend that you do not eat any food that is too hot from your coconut shell. Let a steaming soup cool down first and make sure that hot liquids do not remain in the bowl for too long.
Our coconut bowl comes in a noble design and convinces with its multiple applications. Spoon your tropical smoothie bowl out of your new bowl or use it as a decorative element in your kitchen. And for all snackers, the bowl offers the perfect size for your next movie night. How about roasted coconut chips refined with cocoa in our bowl?
It is best not to leave the dish in the water for too long. It is also not accustomed to cold and therefore does not feel very comfortable in the refrigerator.
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265 Reviews

Clara D.  | 29.06.2022

Beautiful bowl in which to enjoy the food

The quality is really good, it says how to treat the shell it looks beautiful!

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Michelle B.  | 25.06.2022

I was sold on the description alone!

Lovely piece of craftsmanship

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Giovanni P.  | 21.06.2022

The perfect container for a special breakfast

Excellent value for money, adequate size for a serving of yogurt or oatmeal.

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Svane S.  | 20.06.2022

Cute bowl, size good.

The coconut shell looks very nice and seems high quality workmanship - of course, you have to treat and maintain it well, so that it remains so in the long term. From the size I find it good - I was afraid that it is perhaps very small. Well, it is a bit small, but a good breakfast still fits in well. Visually, it enhances the meals well. The summer in the north is a total washout this year - so you get the summer then again something home. ;-)

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Angela T.  | 20.05.2022

A great bowl 🧡

Super cute bowl made of coconut 🧡 The looks great and makes nice as a decoration or to present food such as nuts or the like.

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Louise D.  | 27.04.2022

Super beautiful bowl!

The bowl is really nice.

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Felicia Lisanne B.  | 15.04.2022


Exactly as expected! Handy bowl and nice and sturdy.

Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Antonia P.  | 13.04.2022

Very good

Big, but not too big. My new breakfast companion. Super easy to handle.

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Hannah L.  | 27.03.2022

Super dekorativ und schön!

Die Schale ist sehr hochwertig, fühlt sich schön an und sieht absolut toll aus! Bei richtigem Gebrauch ist sie sicher auch sehr langlebig. Also bitte die liebevollen Pflegehinweise, die auf einem Zettel bei Lieferung dabei liegen, auch WIRKLICH beachten! Ich dachte mir "Ach was, so heiss ist mein Porridge doch gar nicht mehr...!" KRACK... Ja, wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil! Die Schale ist wunderschön zum anrichten, und für ein tolles Foto hat sie bei mir auch gehalten. Meine nächste Schale werde ich definitiv mit mehr Umsicht behandeln und nix Heißes mehr einfüllen! Das Handgefühl ist sehr angenehm und daraus zu essen wirklich eine tolle Angelegenheit!

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Anonymous  | 27.02.2022



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