More Value for less bucks

More value for less bucks

We aim to always deliver fair prices. To accomplish this, we focus on direct to the source supply and using low-cost, bulk packaging. 

  • always fair pricing through smart supply chains
  • steady and transparent pricing-transparency focused and without discounts
  • no membership fee or gimmicks-order what you like, when you need it
  • Bulk and flexible packaging

Fair Pricing via our Farm-direct approach

It is our philosophy to pass our price advantages to our customers with the aim to be as affordable as possible. Rather than endlessly price comparing across the internet, KoRo aims to offer you the best bank for your buck: across all products and all the time… Affordability is built into our brand, and we take it very seriously. Of course, we need to cover our cost of doing business (pay our people, infrastructure, IT, investment in growth), but we do so mindfully and at a minimum margin to operate our business. 

No Membership-Fee

You pay what you see. We do not have any hidden costs and we do not force you into any memberships. We want everyone to have access to good quality products without any barriers 

No Discounts

Our aim is to build a low cost and reliable supply chain. We believe this core foundation will create the lowest prices for all of our customers in the long run. We prefer to be honest and transparent about pricing, which includes sharing price changes when we see them. Rather than frequent discount campaigns to entice purchasing, we provide reliable fair pricing every day of the year.

Price advantages can result from good harvests, when we can obtain volume discounts, and also from our flexible packaging approach. We intentionally sell in bulk to provide a cost savings, and our long shelf life products allow you to buy confidently that the products will last. Our products and supply chain do not require refrigeration, and we hope you can find products to use on a daily basis. So stock up! 

A major part of most food supply chains is a separate partner that is only responsible for repackaging the products in nice-looking branded bags. Whenever possible, we skip that process and try to use packaging available at the source, either at the farm or with one of their processing partners. This might result in odd looking packaging as they have limited equipment and expertise. However, the flavor, quality, and price should be the center of attention and not their pretty packaging, right?