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KoRo at trade fairs

In addition to weekly markets, KoRo is also represented at various trade fairs such as the Rohvolution in Speyer or the Berlin Food Week, which was held at Bikini Berlin.

KoRo at trade fairs

About two weeks ago, the Berlin Food Week took place, where 45 start-ups and manufactures pursued the goal of bringing innovative topics to the food industry. Novel products like alternative protein sources, new drinking bottle systems or salads from the bottle were presented. Of course, we were also represented with a booth and our bestsellers. Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by, we were very happy to see you!


In addition, we were at the end of September at the Rohvolution fair for healthy food. The focus was as the name suggests raw food. Raw food is food that has not been heated above 42 degrees during production, processing or preparation. This is because exceeding the temperature limit leads to the loss of important enzymes in the food, such as vitamins and nutrients.

It is also interesting to note that there are different diets in raw food nutrition. For example, some raw foodists make exceptions for spices or other secondary ingredients. Others, however, eat according to the "raw till four" principle and only eat cooked food towards the evening.


But we also go to trade fairs ourselves as visitors, such as the Fachpack packaging trade fair in Nuremberg. There we sent our busy sourcing team to look for new and original packaging for you. We are constantly on the lookout for new trends and new perspectives for our company from which you as a customer can benefit. Fachpack is a European trade fair for packaging, processes and technology. Products and services related to innovative packaging solutions are presented at the trade fair. It was particularly exciting to see the collaboration of packaging and technology for sustainable solutions.

At KoRo, we also try to cut down on unnecessary packaging waste and for this reason we use large packaging for our products. The large packaging means that less plastic is used overall per product quantity and less energy is required in production. On the controversial topic of plastic packaging and packaging in general, we even recorded a short expert video and podcast with one of our CEO's Piran. For those who are even more thirsty for information on this topic, there are two articles that deal with organic certification and sustainability at KoRo.

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