Organic Chia Seeds 2 lb


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  • From organic agriculture
  • Versatile for cooking and baking
  • High-fibre
Variety: Organic Chia Seeds 2 lb
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Chia seeds are constantly gaining popularity and have become an integral part of the selection of every supermarket, and a household staple – and rightly so! These tiny, shiny seeds hide much more than you might think at first.

Chia seeds – a true all-rounder

With our chia seeds you can do a lot more than chia pudding. Add a spoonful of them to your morning porridge, overnight oats, yogurt or muesli bowl, blend them in your smoothie, or use them as an extra ingredient for your homemade bread; in fact, chia seeds are particularly valuable for baking egg-free goods, as their high swelling capacity makes them a perfect replacement for eggs and hold your baked creations together. 

High swelling capacity

If you are a fan of chia pudding, you might have already witnessed these seeds' amazing swelling capacity; by adding water or plant-based milk to chia seeds and letting the mixture rest a few hours, you obtain a pudding-like texture that tastes delicious served refrigerated and with fresh fruit, nuts or nut butter.

If you're not a fan of pudding, you should definitely try the dark seeds in smoothie bowls. If you prefer savory, you can sprinkle them on your salad with toasted croutons or nuts, or use them in your homemade bread. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, black or white chia seeds, our organic chia seeds are for everyone! 

What is special about our organic chia seeds

Where do our chia seeds come from? For us at KoRo, it is particularly important that you only receive the best food of the highest quality. For this reason, we source 100% of our chia seeds from controlled organic cultivation. They are completely free of flavorings, colorings and preservatives and are packaged for you immediately after harvesting. So if you are looking for organic chia seeds of the best quality, you can buy them from us. Have we convinced you? If yes, buy the organic chia seeds from KoRo US now!

Note: How many chia seeds a day? A daily intake of 15 g should not be exceeded. 

Product number: US_CHIA_001
Origin Paraguay, Mexico, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Argentina, Uganda
Content 2 lb
Manufacturer KoRo
EAN/GTIN 4255582897616
Data sheet Specification
Organic control body& Organic origin
USDA Organic
Nutrition traces Nutrition traces explanation
Shipping Delivery times
Company KoRo Inc.
2055, Limestone RD STE 200C
Wilmington, DE 19808
Storage Advice Store in a cool and dry place
Ingredients 100 % black chia seeds* *of organic cultivation
Cross contamination No allergens contained. May contain traces of wheat and sesame
Trade Name Organic Black Chia Seeds
Etikettenhinweis Ingredients, nutritional values, and packaging may change. For exact information, please check the product description.

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Da wachsen, wo andere Urlaub machen

Warm muss es für die Chia-Pflanze sein – wir von KoRo können das gut nachvollziehen. Weil wir aber an Deiner nächsten Bestellung in Berlin arbeiten, sind wir leider selten in Äquator-Nähe. Um das ein bisschen zu kompensieren, streuen wir uns wenigstens ein paar Chiasamen über unser Porridge, wenn wir im Winter dick angezogen im Büro sitzen.

Spaß bei der "Arbeit"

Mit diesem ganz besonderen Gruß starten wir jedes Tasting – altes KoRo-Ritual. Sofort danach haben wir damit angefangen, für Dich die besten Chia Samen heraus zu suchen.

Sonne, Sonne und Sonnne

Nicht zu nass, aber dafür bitte sonnig und warm: Die Chia Pflanze hat schon ein paar Ansprüche. Weil wir sie so lecker in unserem Müsli finden, lassen wir ihr das aber auch durchgehen.

Hier fallen im Herbst nicht nur die Blätter

So sieht die Chia Pflanze in voller Blüte aus. Schöne Farbe, aber für den Blumenstrauß ungeeignet. Zum Glück wollen wir sie auch nicht zum nächsten Date mitbringen – wir haben es auf die leckeren Samen abgesehen. Jeden Herbst sammeln wir die besten Körner ein.

Wie beim Schach, nur ohne das Spiel

Schwarze oder weiße Samen? Im Grunde ist das egal, denn Geschmack und Nährwerte sind fast identisch. Hier kannst Du ganz allein Dein Auge entscheiden lassen, welche Chia Samen du schöner findest.

Vom Lager zu Dir

Konservier-, Farb- oder Geschmacksstoffe? Haben unsere Samen nicht nötig, die schmecken von Natur aus gut. Deswegen haben wir für Dich ein paar Kisten auf Lager, damit wir deine cravings auf unsere leckeren Chiasamen jederzeit stillen können.

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Super deal

Organic quality, good price and very popular in our household for Overnight Oats.

Kritische:r Kund:in



Good product, unbeatable price. As a deduction is only

Good product, unbeatable price.

The only deduction is the plastic packaging. The static charge of the chia seeds leads to the fact that the rest lingers in the package. Here an alternative would be nice :/


Svantje K.


Top please do not stop

Quality: top
My whole family uses the chia seeds for everything.
pudding, smoothie and in cottage cheese for work.
It is indispensable in our household.

Price: as with everything from koro unbeatable to retail. I compare a lot before I order anything. But koro has simply convinced



Versatile and healthy

Primarily value for money. I use them in so many healthy preparations such as vegan pudding or blended into my always vegan smoothies, moistened with water as a thickener and egg-like in vegan sweet recipes or even in keto-vegan ones.And the stash pack helps me to always have them on hand. I highly recommend

Tomas K.


Super I am satisfied Fast delivery Order permanently

Am satisfied
Fast delivery
Order permanently



Well, I recommend

Product well packaged, arrived the day it was supposed to.

Yiheng C.


Perfect for breakfast

Fits perfectly with oats together! 1 kg package can be used in any case very well.



Top quality.





Very good quality and good price for an organic product.



Super quality and speedy delivery!

Super quality and speedy delivery!



Simply delicious

Class chia seeds, as you can see already at the bag the class quality of chia seeds.
Great size and you can do so much with it.




Cheaper than at the drugstore market