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Brownie protein ball 30 g

Content: 0.03 kg (US$35.00* / 1 kg)

US$1.05* US$35.00* per 1

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Cookie dough protein ball 30 g

Content: 0.03 kg (US$35.00* / 1 kg)

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Brownie protein balls 15 x 30 g

Content: 0.45 kg (US$37.29* / 1 kg)

US$16.78* US$37.29* per 1

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Cookie dough protein ball 15 x 30 g

Content: 0.45 kg (US$37.29* / 1 kg)

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Buy Energy Balls

Bring on the new food trends! Energy balls or bliss balls live up to their name: the little power balls are full of natural ingredients and pull you out of any afternoon slump. The snack usually consists of only a few natural components. But our energy balls are not only impressive because of their ingredients - their taste in particular is 100% delicious.

The energy ball family here at KoRo is growing and growing. We now offer 13 different varieties: In addition to our classics, which include our peanut, hazelnut, pistachio and cashew and cinnamon organic energy balls, we also feature 3 energy balls with the perfect combination of sweet and salty: try our salted peanut, salted hazelnut and salted pistachio flavours. For a fruitier experience, you can also find cocoa and raspberry flavour in our shop, as well as smaller fruity energy balls which come in packs of 2: apple-cinnamon, strawberry-chia and raspberry-chia are just waiting for you to taste them – they are also perfect to take anywhere! For a big dose of protein, try our brownie protein balls and cookie dough protein balls to help you with your gains. Stay tuned for more flavours!

Order ready-to-eat energy balls

So that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the good things in life, we've done the work for you and mixed the best ingredients into small energy balls. You can buy ready-to-eat energy balls from us that are perfect to take with you. So you can simply snack on the go and get the energy you need.

A natural base for the best energy balls: dates

Our Energy Balls are made mostly of dates. Juicy dates provide the consistency and the unique, sweet taste. By the way, our energy balls are not baked!

Creamy filling: energy balls with peanut butter

Does anything taste better than energy balls? Yes – energy balls combined with nut butters! We love to fill our energy balls with creamy nut butters. Try our incredible organic salted peanut energy balls!

Your convenient energy suppliers

Energy balls are very easy to introduce into your diet. We only use the finest ingredients together so that the energy balls can provide you with the energy you need in no time.

Short and sweet: the list of ingredients

The ingredients for our energy balls, apart from the two protein balls, are completely organic. We like it natural and therefore try to keep the ingredient list as short as possible. Our raspberry and chia energy balls, for example, the list of ingredients reads: dates, cashews, almonds, raspberry and chia. So simple and so delicious!

Vegan bliss balls

This will please all vegans and raw fans: our energy balls are vegan! Yay! That means they are free of all animal products and all ingredients are of plant origin.

Sweet enough, even without added sugar - our energy balls

The energy balls have no added sugar. This is because the natural sugar of the date provides a pleasant sweetness. This means that our energy balls are not sugar-free, but you can be sure that we have not added any additional granulated sugar.

Energy ball recipes to make yourself

You can find several energy ball recipes in our Food Journal for you to make your own, in case you run out of ours. To make sure you don't run out, we recommend that you take advantage of our low-cost trays of 15 energy balls and stock up. These little energy bites are real saviours in case you get hungry in between meals.

Take our cashew and cinnamon power balls as an example. As a base, we use dates, and often some rolled oats. Apart from the base and your main flavour ingredients, you just need a high powered blender or mixer and you can get to it. When making bliss balls, it's all down to your personal taste, because you can simply add whatever ingredients you feel like. How about energy balls with apricot or fig? Just add our dried apricots or dried figs into the mixer. Like it even sweeter? Try making energy balls with dried mango! The whole thing gets a bit more complicated with filled energy balls, like our salted peanut energy balls, which is why you simply order them from us!

All your questions on energy balls

We would like to give you all the information you need about our energy balls. If you have any questions about a specific product, take a look at the product specification. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us by email or on social media and we will answer all your questions.

What are energy balls?

Energy balls, also called bliss balls, are small raw food balls that consist mostly of dates and nuts. They are often refined with cocoa, dried fruits and nut butter and have a high energy density thanks to the nutrient-rich ingredients - so the little energy balls can rescue you from an energy low in the afternoon. Without any added refined sugar, they still taste wonderfully sweet.

Is there a difference between energy balls and bliss balls?

Energy balls and bliss balls actually mean the same thing. There are now countless names for these small but delicious energy balls: they are also often called power balls or raw bites. But they all mean these small, delicious date balls!

Do energy balls count as raw food?

Yes, our energy balls count as raw food, because the ingredients used are purely plant-based, are only "processed" in the blender and not heated or anything like that.

What are energy balls made of?

The main ingredient in our energy balls are dates. Dates ensure that the energy balls hold together and have a pleasant sweetness. Depending on the taste, we refine the energy balls with ingredients such as peanut butter and cocoa powder.

Do your energy balls contain oat flakes?

Yes, some of our energy balls contain oats, like our cocoa and raspberry energy balls or the salted hazelnut energy balls.

Are the energy balls vegan?

Oh yes! We want everyone to be able to enjoy our favourite bliss balls, so we don't use any animal additives. You can also find the wide range of our plant-based products in our vegan category.

Are the energy balls gluten free?

Some of our energy balls are naturally gluten-free. However, there may be unknowing cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains during production, which is why we do not label them as gluten-free. All ingredients and allergens of our energy balls can be found on the respective product page.

How long can the energy balls be kept

Store the energy balls in a cool, dark place to maximise their shelf life. They will keep for at least 12 months in their original packaging. You can always find the exact best-before date on your packaging.

Do you also have energy balls without nuts in your range?

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. Our energy balls usually contain nuts or nut butters and can therefore not be consumed if you have a nut allergy.

Can I make my own energy balls?

Of course! We have several energy ball recipes in our Food Journal, for you to make with all the dried fruit and nuts of your choice.