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Stand and cup for sprouting jar


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  • Convenient stand for your homegrown sprouts
  • Includes a water collecting cup
  • Prevents waterlogging in the sprouting jar
  • Fits a large sprouting jar
  • Grow fresh sprouts for your salads, bowls and toast
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Red cabbage sprouts, sesame sprouts, fenugreek sprouts, alfalfa sprouts: The list of crunchy, fresh sprouts is almost endless! Do you love sprouted vegetables as a delicious topping on your bowls or as an upgrade to your bread toppings? Then it's high time to grow your own sprouts! Because the little sprouts are very easy to grow at home! All you need is a suitable sprouting jar, our draining rack and a sprout sieve! Get started with our decorative sprout stand and drip tray. Never buy ready-made sprouts again - order our sprout set now!

Using our sprout jar stand

Anyone can buy sprouts in the supermarket! Our sprout stand, including the drip tray, takes your sprout cultivation to a new level. The stand offers you enough space for one 32 ounce sprouting jar. The biggest advantage: Due to the slanted position of the jar in the rack, the sprouts stay fresh throughout, as this prevents waterlogging in the sprouting jar. Excess water can simply run off into the collection tray through a sieve closure, which you can of course also find in our shop. The combination of sprout stand (including collection tray), sprouting jar and sieve provides you with an effortless and hygienic solution for growing your sprouts. And let's be honest: our sprout rack also looks beautiful and is a great decorative element for your kitchen! 

Grow your own fresh sprouts in a jar

How does sprout cultivation work? Don't worry: growing sprouts is very easy and therefore also suitable for you if you haven't had any (good) experience with plants so far. The principle: You choose the sprouts you like best and soak them for up to eight hours in a sprouting jar. After that, the seeds should be rinsed two to three times a day. And this is where our sprout set comes into play. After you have soaked the seeds and rinsed them daily, place your sprouting jar, equipped with our sieve closure, upside down in the sprout stand so that excess water can run directly into the drip tray - this prevents unsightly waterlogging (and thus mould growth) in your sprouting jar. Depending on the variety, you can harvest the first sprouts within a few days. (You can find more detailed instructions and further tips and tricks in our FAQs).

Not sure if sprout cultivation is your thing? Then try it out with our sprouting set, which is ideal for beginners to try out once. You get six different varieties, conveniently packaged in a bag, so you can get started straight away. And who knows, maybe sprout cultivation will become your new favourite hobby.

Buy sprout jar holder now

Grow fresh sprouts at home like a pro? Our sprout rack makes growing sprouts from any sprouting seed child's play! Together with our sprout sieve and a large sprouting glass, the construction ensures an optimal growing climate at any time of the year and makes you a proud sprout grower! Besides feelings of happiness, your home-grown sprouts will bring culinary enrichment to your kitchen - whether on bread, in a bowl or in a salad. Buy our decorative sprout rack now and start enjoying crispy fresh sprouts immediately!

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Questions & answers: Stand and cup for sprouting jar
Some sprout varieties may lose flavor when frozen and are therefore better eaten fresh. This is especially true for small seeds such as cress or alfalfa. Other types of sprouts can be frozen without loss. It is important that you blanch them first. To do this, pour boiling water over the sprouts and let them steep for a few minutes in the saucepan. Then remove the sprouts from the pot with a slotted spoon and immediately put them into a bowl of ice-cold water. Afterwards you should let the cooled sprouts drain before you put them well packed in the freezer - use our reusable freezer bags!
Whether you can integrate sprouts in the food of your four-legged family members, you discuss best with your veterinarian. In the meantime, take a look at the high-quality dog food from our range!
On average, 2 to 3 tablespoons of seeds of your choice are enough.
Every pregnancy is individual. We are not experts in this field and therefore do not want to give you specific tips or advice. It is best to discuss this topic with your gynecologist.
Ideally, you eat your freshly grown sprouts directly - because it doesn't get any fresher than that! If that's not possible, you can store them in the refrigerator for a few days.
A healthy diet means, above all, eating a balanced diet that meets our needs. Therefore, we at KoRo do not like to judge whether food is healthy or unhealthy. But we are sure that your homegrown sprouts can find a nice place in your menu.
The seedlings grow best in a bright place, without direct sunlight. The room temperature should be between 18 and 22 degrees.
One thing we can promise you: With our sprout glass holder, your sprouts will never again suffer from waterlogging and mold in the sprout glass! The downward position of the sprout glass in the rack and the complementary sprout sieve allow excess water to drain directly into the collection tray. Your sprout cultivation is thus child's play and absolutely hygienic.
There is room for one 32 oz sprout jar on the stand. This means you can grow only one sprout variety at a time per stand and jar. However, since the germination time is only a few days, you can also grow a large number of sprouts in a short time with only one jar.
To grow your favorite sprouts, you will first need a suitable sprouting jar, for our sprout set the 32oz Mason Jar, and sprouts of your choice. Our sprout stand and drip tray make sprout cultivation easier by ensuring that excess water can always run off. To complete your equipment for successful sprout cultivation, you only need a sprout sieve as a closure for your sprout jar and you're ready to go!
Freshly harvested sprouts give your favorite dishes a very special touch. Which varieties you want to grow depends on your personal taste. When making your selection, also pay attention to the respective germination capacity. We can recommend our organic mung beans. Sprouts are perfect as a topping on bowls or provide a crispy fresh kick on your favorite sandwich.
Even if plants have it with you rather difficult and one or the other houseplant also already had to be disposed of, that is still far no exclusion criterion! Just try the small sprouts and if it does not work, do not panic. No master has yet fallen from the sky!
With our sprout set the sprout cultivation succeeds as if by itself. First, you should rinse your sprouting glass with cold water. Then put the desired sprouts in your jar, close it with the appropriate sieve and rinse the seeds several times. To do this, fill the jar with cold water and pour it off directly. The next step is to soak the seeds for about 8 hours. Then drain the water again and our sprout stand comes into play. Place the jar in the sprout rack so that excess water can drain through the strainer into the collection tray. Over a period of several days, you should then rinse the seeds two to three times a day as described above. After each watering, place the sprouting jar upside down in the sprouting rack at an angle so that no water stagnation can occur in the sprouting jar - and after just a few days you can enjoy crisp, fresh sprouts that you have grown yourself!
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6 Reviews

Annette M.  | 10.06.2022

Simple and practical

The draining system in combination with glass and strainer works great and I now always have a small supply of sprouts. The only drawback: The surface of the tray is prone to the formation of stains that can only be removed with very persistent scrubbing, which then probably makes the surface even more sensitive.

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Angela S.  | 20.04.2022

Delicious sprouts

Great, I have been looking for a long time!

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Anonymous  | 28.02.2022

Perfect for the muntin glasses, easy to clean,

Perfect for the muntin glasses, easy to clean, simple design.

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Anonymous  | 13.02.2022



Be the first one that marks this review as helpful
Anonymous  | 23.01.2022

Are the bags already super but the

Are the bags already super but the system is top. In 5 days wonderful sprouts

1 people found this information helpful
Anonymous  | 22.01.2022

A very useful part and without plastic

A very useful part and without plastic

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